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If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Natalie Portman’s character inGarden State after the movie ended or where Zooey Deschanel lives, wonder no more. Sociological Images recently linked to a video by Natural Disastronauts revealing the lives that manic pixie dream girls lead after the credits roll.

In case you need a primer (you could, after all,bea manic pixie dream girl and not even know it!), here is Anita Sarkeesian’s explanation:

Now that you’re up to speed, here is the video that reveals what filmmakers don’t want you to know:

My favorite treatment of the manic pixie dream girl idea comes from Arrested Development, where Michael Bluth falls in love with a mentally retarded female (Mister F!) named Rita because her beauty prevents him from seeing that her childlike enthusiasm for the world is actually the result of a childlike understanding of the world. Enjoy a few clips below, and then just go watch all three seasons of Arrested Development!

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