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I like the idea of Monday-Wednesday-Friday courses.  Three 50-minute class sessions each week can help prevent students from getting bored in class.  These short sessions are also more easily filled with a class exercise or discussion, allowing me to cover fewer topics in more depth.

Until the beginning of this semester, I had never taught a Monday-Wednesday-Friday course.  In graduate school my courses were either once or twice a week.  I never really considered the ramifications of this until the semester got underway and I realized that there are not enough week days to prepare for two new MWF preps.

So far this semester I’ve been preparing for each class session a day or two in advance.  This means that I prepare for Wednesday on Monday or Tuesday and Friday on Wednesday or Thursday.  This also means that the only in-office time I have to prepare for Monday’s class is Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately, I can rarely prepare quickly enough to avoid my prep time overflowing into the weekend.

Someday when I only have to prep one class (or fewer!) a semester, this may not be too bad.  As it is I’ve resolved the problem in the near term by arranging my spring preps for Tuesday-Thursday.

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