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Obama Independence Day

The image above was posted on Facebook by somebody that I went to high school with. It is ironic that the man who gained national attention for a speech that highlighted similarities in people of different backgrounds is seen as such a divisive president. Since I am both of those things and do both of those things, this image, and my perceived lack of status as a “real American” in the eyes of my former classmate, got me thinking about the American revolution.

Can you imagine the American revolution occurring today? Can you imagine a group of revolutionaries whose every statement is critiqued on Twitter and cable news? Can you imagine a relatively small group of radicals leading a revolution and then watching in horror as their conservative neighbors elect a president who is not aligned with the ideals of increased freedom and equality that the revolution stood for? Can you imagine the efforts of CEOs and politicians to maintain their power under a new regime? Can you imagine the futility of trying to create a constitution that unites a bitterly partisan country? Can you imagine the economic devastation that endless arguments would bring as regular people try to go about their daily lives in the face of grave uncertainty?

To me, these thoughts reinforce the idea that we need to work to improve our country from the inside out. Despite the large (and seemingly growing) differences in our country between liberals and conservatives, rich and poor, corporations and employees, we are lucky to have a guiding document that was crafted over 200 years ago, because I don’t think we would get very far if we had to start all over again.

Good luck, Egypt.

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On the eve of Independence Day, the fireworks industry has either experienced unprecedented growth in the past 15 years (via Slate) or it is in its worst slump since the Vietnam era.

Unlike the recent gaffes by CNN and Fox News, I’m not sure how to explain this discrepancy.

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