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As I’ve noted before, I periodically give my students quizzes in an attempt to convince them to do the reading. Whether or not they know the answers, these quizzes occasionally provide me with a bit of humor or artwork, which is always appreciated when moving through a pile of otherwise unexciting quizzes. The other day a student provided me with what I have dubbed the “SLACer Quiz of the Year.” (Look for a writeup in your local paper, since this award is at least as important as anything given by JD Power or Ward’s.)

To give you some background, this quiz consisted of three questions and the student responding is a good student with which I’ve developed rapport over several semesters. In other words, the student is not a jerk and the quiz was intended to be humorous, not pompous. With that said, the responses (the questions don’t matter):

  1. I believe in a world where professors will no longer give students pop quizzes when they do not want them, but instead only give students grades based on their Awesomeness.
  2. If this system of awesomeness was in effect today, I would receive an A+ just by walking in the door.
  3. If you agree with my proposal, please give me a 0/3 on this quiz.

Request granted (and a much better way to get zero points than something like this).

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