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In an apparent attempt to copy the “Apple Genius” model of customer service, Best Buy has apparently started referring to their employees as “Blue Shirts.” This language is present on their website and in their TV ads.  Lately I have seen this Best Buy commercial on TV referring to a particular “Blue Shirt,” Kristina:

In the ad, Kristina is “testing” an HTC One cell phone from Verizon. She spends some time talking about how good the coverage is while she is shown running. So far, so good. Best Buy has recognized that women can be knowledgeable about technology. That’s not all they know about, though.

The next line highlights the multitasking ability of the HTC one (iPhones on Verizon cannot access cellular data while takling). To do so, Kristina states, “Usually when I’m talking on the phone I’m also shopping, so it’s nice to have the multitasking ability.” O. M. G. The HTC One is a stereotypical teenage girl’s dream! But does it come in pink? Nope, only silver and blue, and the blue is a Best Buy exclusive.

Kristina knows that blue is for boys (it is bad enough that she has to wear a blue shirt to work!), so after mentioning how fast the networking is she takes off running again. Boys are icky.Wait, Kristina, you took the phone with you! All of the talking and shopping in the world won’t save you from cooties!

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