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In the grand scheme of things, keeping your computer passwords in a notebook near your computer is probably not the stupidest thing you can do. Trying to sell a $10 notebook in which people can write their passwords is probably more stupid. As a result, it was not a huge surprise to read on Ars Technica that Password Minder appears to have come and gone. Actually, it is unclear whether Password Minder ever really existed:

Yes, the idea was real. So was the infomercial. One of the ways Telebrands tests its products is by generating a commercial to gauge interest, a Telebrands PR representative told Ars. “In this case, the company created a test infomercial to determine interest in the product,” the rep said. “Since there was minimal interest, the product was not produced for public distribution.”

If this is the case, there are probably a few people out there who are really disappointed that they have never received their Password Minders! I guess that they will just have to watch this clip from Ellen and dream about what might have been:

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