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If you know anybody on the East coast, there is a good chance that your Facebook page has been flooded (or will be flooded…) with links to songs that contain the name Sandy. The one that I’ve seen most frequently is “Sandy” from the Grease soundtrack, even though that is more of a post-Sandy song (especially the spoken-word section where John Travolta says, “Sandy my darlin’, you hurt me real bad. You know it’s true”). Fortunately, there is a better option! May I propose “Hey Sandy” by Polaris from the soundtrack for the Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. The best line for this point in the hurricane-waiting process: “Have you picked your target yet?”

As Brad Koch would say, this song gives a great opportunity to talk about hurricanes named Sandy, shows that were on Nickelodeon in the ’90s, things that make me think of autumn, and sexism (don’t talk back!).

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