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A few years ago I posted some sexist ads that I came across on a car site.  Interestingly, that post is my most-viewed, largely because it seems to show up on web searches ranging from “matchbox” to “big women.”  Anyhow, I recently came across a few ads that seem to be using some brand of sex appeal that I don’t understand to sell Kias in Brazil.  In addition to being, as Inside Line notes, “creepy,” these ads are also award winners!  The point of the ads seems to be that the Kia Sportage is available with dual-zone climate control (a relatively common feature allowing the driver and passenger to select different temperatures), but they are definitely using provocative images to draw attention to this fact (at least to the extent that anybody notices the small print at the bottom of the ads mentioning this feature).  See for yourself:

Does temperature affect age?

The second panel reminds me of the Aeon Flux cartoon.

Do you want to buy a Kia?

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