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Update: The current version of the article goes into much more detail, so this appears to be a case of “publish something first to beat the other news outlets, fix it up later so that it actually makes sense.”  An example of poor writing and the effects of the 24-hour news cycle!

For writing assignments I am constantly imploring my students to anticipate questions that readers may have and answer them in the text of their work.  “Don’t assume that the reader knows what you’re talking about,” I tell them.  Maybe the following news story will help them see that I am not making this up (the linked story is from the Denver Post but, as this is from the AP, the same story is repeated with different headlines all over the place).  Can you guess the sport?  The complete text:

Canadian men improve to 8-0, beat US 7-2

By JANIE McCAULEY AP Sports Writer

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