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I went to see New Moon this weekend but beyond the “vampires and abstinence” storyline the most sociologically interesting aspect came before the film.  One of the trailers that preceded New Moon was for Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie, Remember Me (which also stars Pierce Brosnan and Emilie de Ravin of Lost).  The trailer is below (pay particular attention around the 1:10 mark):

Here is a summary of the relevant portion:

de Ravin: I don’t date sociology majors.

Pattinson: Lucky for you I’m, I’m undecided.

de Ravin: ‘Bout what?

Pattinson: Everything.

Because of the popularity of New Moon, this means that a large number of young people have now heard the line “I don’t date sociology majors.”  I suppose this could be a deterrent to potential future sociologists.  On the other hand, a large number of young people have now heard of sociology.

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