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Digital Library Update

While I admit that I did not go to the session introducing the digital library, if this is currently online and was freely available during ASA I sure couldn’t find it.  I looked on the terrible ASA website* and I also did web searches but all I could come up with was the Footnotes article I linked to above.  If you attended the session and have any information concerning the whereabouts of said digital library, e-mail me and I’ll post it here.

*Bonus imaginary conversation at ASA Headquarters:

Person 1: I’ve got a new feature that would be cool to add to the website.

Person 2: Hmm… if we add something new we might have to take five minutes to consider how it ties into what’s already there.  I’ll let you add this new feature if you can spare me those five minutes.

Person 1: No problem, we’ll just throw it up there without connecting it in any way whatsoever.

Person 2: What about bandwidth?  Is this going to cost us extra money?

Person 1: Nah.  Nobody will be able to find it without knowing exactly where to look.  We’ll even make people log in again when they finally find it and want to access it.

Person 2: Good.  Nobody should be able to visit our website without logging in three or four times.  We’ve got such valuable information that we need to protect it!

Person 1: That reminds me, there’s a problem with the password server.

Person 2: Just reset them all to the users’ last names.  There’s nothing more secure than a last name!

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